Hasn't anyone ever seen Kate Hepburn in <i>The Philadephia Story</i>? Yar - when a boat is trim, responsive, and in all ways lively in handling.
"My, she was yar."
by Sinurgie March 26, 2004
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In languages of Urdu (spoken in Pakistan) and Hindi (spoken in India) it means a friend. Similar to the word "bud" or "buddy" in the English language.
1- Hey yar, whats chillin!
by Ahsan Upal February 3, 2004
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A word to express acceptance or agreement. Can be used in place of "yes". Mostly used among pirates.
by Big Indian July 17, 2003
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Yar, I just ate your kids and plunder your village!
by Randy July 24, 2003
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in Hindi, "Yaar" is a slang (i think,
or it might be an actual word, i don't
rilly know hindi that well...) used
familiarly or affectionately, even when
speaking in english - it more or less means "friend".
buddy#1: hey! good to see you !
buddy#2: how have you been yaar ?!
by Vin September 10, 2004
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you know when you love someone and you try to tell them how much you do but you cant find the right words for it cause i love you is so common and used so freely well yar means i love you more than every thing and you want to be with you every day
wife: hun how much do you love me

husband: well i love you as much as ........ as much as yar
by wolfgirl777 February 5, 2011
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1. an expression of agreement and/or excitement (from mixtures of yeah, ar, rar)
2. an expression of excitement, especially towards a band, even more especially towards Minus the Bear (Bands Love it When You Yell Yar! at them.
Yar, the new Minus the Bear came out today.
by jlg October 21, 2004
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