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A country made by muslims of indian subcontinent at he time of partition to get a place to prepare for taking over the indian subcontinent again and make it a muslim empire again which they lost after british destroyed 1000 years of muslim rule over indian subcontinent.
by shah12345 October 29, 2009
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A south Asian country that was formed after partitioning of India.

Famously known as a terror hub since it has many training centers for terrorists. Has a crumbling economy but keeps having wet dreams about capturing Indian state of Kashmir. Is largely funded by the CCP for promoting terrorism. Appears like a democracy on the outside but is mainly run by the army.

Also known for terrorizing and converting minorities on a large scale. Has huge unemployment rate but spends a lot to peddle fake news against India on r/India and twitter.

In short, a disgrace among South Asian countries
Person 1: "Oh man, I totally failed my math test. My parents will be mad on me"
Person 2: "You are such a Pakistan on your family"
by faggtaggg September 05, 2020
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A country, which will soon be the biggest threat to the world but unfortunately the international community ignores this fact. What if the terrorist totally overtakes the government with all those deadly weapons?
Pakistan is an international threat to the world, the world must wake up!
by lido February 25, 2007
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i gots nothin against pakistan or pakis. but i do go somethin against pakis taht be hatin and talkin shyt abt indians. all u can do is talk shyt abt indians, get a lyfe. india is the best. deal wit it. we all brown. dont hate.
india and pakistan can be friends if ppl stop hating and talkin shyt.
by DESI April 26, 2005
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A country like 189 other countries in on our planet.
-Contains human beings (including those who get hurt by very offending comments on this and some other sites)

-Has people
-Has good and evil
-Is loved and hated
person a: Hey...where are you from?
person b: Pakistan
person c: oh ok.
by RS Player May 01, 2005
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