commonly used in kick-ass conversations to express extreme jubilee towards a subject, can be simply stated as an interjection amongst friends, not pertaining to the presently discussed material, can also be used passively in conversation, simply as a dormant agreement from either party, neither contributing no real sentiment towards subject at hand, not associated with pirates
common terms non-pirate dialogue replacing 'yes' one yar at a time
by Mr. Squirrels November 08, 2011
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Friend. Urdu from Persian. wide range of meaning and usage from 'someone whom you have just met' to 'beloved'. Commonly heard 'arre yar' which is a term either of contradiction like 'come off it' or of surprise like 'fuck me'.
by klidenengro February 03, 2004
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expressing how achtung mcbill a situation is,it should be said with extreme emphasis,and it has to be both achtung and mcbill to be meant with power,the female shall never use this word for this word is sacred to man, originated in the early 1800s by the infamous pirate long john billiam,aka yarrest thou billiam,he plundered an took over tortooga while copping slow dome from jax fart, and when the local media asked him for one word to sum up his adventure he simply said YARRRRRRRR.
hey did she give good HEAD?
it was YARR

SO what did u do to that hoe?
I YARR'D her beef twat
by LORD BILLkahn December 01, 2005
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an english measurement used by the chinese with an accent; discovered by the curious mind of matt lu
Matt Lu: Coasch, how many yars off the ball?
by mp January 12, 2005
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Yar, she blows

<Bob> Hey Frank, how was your date?
<Frank> Yar, she blew

by playinguitar4evr January 17, 2003
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Yar is a unique word, like no other. people connect it to pirates. Others ignore me saying it. Some reply yar back exuberantly. Most substitute it with another word, and write a meaning towards it based off of context. It's funny seeing peoples reactions, but it gives insight into their personality. The people who connect it towards piracy are usually more open-minded. The ones who ignore it are usually close-minded, and have few friends. The ones who reply yar back are the more outgoing people. Very energetic, and friendly. Or I have been around them so long that the word just grew on them. The ones who add meaning to it are the most common type of people. They are very adapting to change, and accepting. They are not very outgoing, however they are not anti-social either. Yar is also used when you can not find a more suitable word. Yar is a word defined based on the context in which it is used, so open interpretation is necessary. It gives no evidence for or against what one is actually thinking, however, tone and body language speak for themselves. It is also useful as a filler word, in replacement of "yeah", but sounds classier (in my opinion). It is a unique word, personal to myself, and I am known for it. Yar is not confined to a certain meaning. It is a weird word, awkward even. It's like no other word in existence. It is not subject to a system (dictionary), and is free to fit any definition depending on the situation it is in. Just like me. Yar is my word.






"Are you a pirate?



and finally

by 42P0w3rz March 27, 2013
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