an english measurement used by the chinese with an accent; discovered by the curious mind of matt lu
Matt Lu: Coasch, how many yars off the ball?
by mp January 12, 2005
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Friend. Urdu from Persian. wide range of meaning and usage from 'someone whom you have just met' to 'beloved'. Commonly heard 'arre yar' which is a term either of contradiction like 'come off it' or of surprise like 'fuck me'.
by klidenengro February 03, 2004
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expressing how achtung mcbill a situation is,it should be said with extreme emphasis,and it has to be both achtung and mcbill to be meant with power,the female shall never use this word for this word is sacred to man, originated in the early 1800s by the infamous pirate long john billiam,aka yarrest thou billiam,he plundered an took over tortooga while copping slow dome from jax fart, and when the local media asked him for one word to sum up his adventure he simply said YARRRRRRRR.
hey did she give good HEAD?
it was YARR

SO what did u do to that hoe?
I YARR'D her beef twat
by LORD BILLkahn December 01, 2005
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Yar, she blows

<Bob> Hey Frank, how was your date?
<Frank> Yar, she blew

by playinguitar4evr January 17, 2003
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1.n A character in Star Trek.
2. v For a character to die and not be revived, Like Natasha Yar
I wish Link would be Yarred
by SoMePeRs0n/guy March 31, 2007
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Something you'll here from the homeless man at Freebirds in Isla Vista, California.
Yar! I'm Pirate, and I joke and sing for Freebirds burritos
by Stu October 27, 2004
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