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to dunk on someone, similar to the white folk word "jammed"
"Did you just see Nate Robinson? He just YAMMED on Yao Ming!"
by Trevor Martin June 16, 2008
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The Nussy, or the โ€œnose pussyโ€, if you will, was discovered during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. People that had to be tested for Covid-19 had to have their nose swabbed right where the brain connects, which often led to people rolling back their eyes and gagging.

A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
โ€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussyโ€

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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Dude I was so yammed last night, I donโ€™t remember shit.
by em2low July 14, 2018
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West Midlands slang - to eat something. See also "et".
"Mum, I'm tired of coal and beef dripping batches!"

"Shut your noise, Noddy, and get it yammed."
by EnglishNuclear February 11, 2016
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1~ To be really drunk.

2 ~ to engage in something very excessive, and need to drink excessive amounts of beer for the event.
- Aye man I was fucking yammed last night.

- We gotta get yammed up for that game.
by wojo44 April 23, 2010
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a vegetarian fart, with overtones of yamm and beets. undertones of brie.
"Oh hell no. I think that granola-lesbian just yammed down this aisle"
by jaek July 25, 2006
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Yammed: adjective. (1) the process of getting rammed and/or slammed by yamil.
that dumb trick got yammed hard last night
by bbofbb May 27, 2010
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