contraction for you all.
Also shouts out to the world that your a fucking cunt when you say this.
Hey y'all, Just wanted you to know im an imbred wank stain.
by JkFauvel April 27, 2015
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"You all". Used by southeners, rednecks, and hicks.
Ya'll hush up. Ya'll are fixin' to scare off them there deer.
by Jess December 06, 2003
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Y'all: A term used to signify usually at least 2 people. Derived from white-trash term of same spelling. Has formed a use of it's own.
"Hey y'all! What's happenin'?"
by G. M.-H. May 28, 2003
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1. contraction for "you" and "all." Used by hicks and rednecks or just Southern ladies.

2. contraction for "your" and all." more commonly used by wannabes and pimps.
1. Ya'll better come-n-git yo' possum fo' it get cold.

2. I can't believe ya'll up in my business like that.
by shannon February 05, 2005
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