Southern's way of saying "you are all" or "you all" without actually saying it.
Ya'll are stupid as hell
by ahssp December 09, 2019
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When a southerner and a northerner 69 each other
Me and Sally TOTALLY ya'lled by her tractor and I had a huge boner
by KevinDoorant April 07, 2019
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Contraction of 'you all' in some cases 'all you'. Used to refer to 2 or more people.
via giphy
by 1Head June 11, 2019
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Texan for all of you
hey ya'll . are ya'll coming.
by MandyAndy May 22, 2018
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a word most commonly used by Southerners, lower to middle class blacks, and some people in the lower midwest (Ohio River Valley, Kansas, Missouri, etc.) Is a contraction of you all, which is the proper term.
Southerner: Hey, y'all!!! How arrrre yuh doin!?
by A Hoosier May 22, 2005
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