Y'all, a term that most Idahoans use instead of You-All. It is a term most don't understand but is still very useful when speaking at a fast pace
"Why are y'all so angsty today? Who pissed in y'allses Cheerios this mornin?"
by BinaryProtocol March 08, 2017
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1) A contraction of β€œyou all”.

2) A word usually either said by black people or a lone white guy in the company of blacks.

3) A word with a lot of bizarre definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Aside from Florida, I’ve never stepped foot in the south in my life. However, I hear and say the word β€œy'all” every day at work.
by Forever Remain May 25, 2009
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A saying commonly overused by people of the southern areas of the United States Of America. The saying was originated back in 1863 by a man of the name John Joseph Jingleheimer who was a slave owner. He used the phrase when 10 of his slaves were running away. He shouted at them, "Hey, y'all better get back here!" What he meant to say was, "Hey, all of you get back here!" Now this is why the Southern People of the U.S use the phrase Y'all instead of you all.
by Jamal Mckenna February 17, 2012
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Inexplicable contraction for "you" and "all", typically cited by non-Southerners as the correct way to spell "ya'll" (which is actually a contraction of "ya" (common American English vernacular for "you") and "all").
I know better than Southerners about their own colloquialisms - it's "y'all", you dumb hicks!!!
by zer0sig October 03, 2011
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A common slang reference for "you all." It is commonly thought to be spelled as "y'all" but it was decided that only a bunch of a-holes on the copy desk would spell it that way. In the famous 1967 New York Times Copy Desk brawl where 7 copy editors were sent to the hospital by the sports desk, it was decided that to call it "ya'll" otherwise be seen as a bunch of assholes that were just wrong.
"Ya'll needs to m'fing stop arguing about this before I slam a stapler on ya'll m'fing head."
by MC Hammerstein March 18, 2019
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(pron.) A contraction for "you all," used primarily in the southern United States. The possessive of "y'all" is "y'all's" as in:

"Do y'all have y'all's stuff packed for the trip?"

Regional note: Often the use of "y'all all" is perfectly acceptable for many Southerners:

"Y'all all have a great time tonight!" is equivalent to:

"All y'all have a great time tonight!"

Every reputable source states that "y'all" is used only as the second person plural pronoun (addressing more than one person). Quoting one source: Southerners do not, as is sometimes believed, use "you-all" or "y'all" for both singular and plural "you."

But this is not altogether true. In some cases, particularly when a heated exchange is taking place in a trailer community between two partners or individuals, "y'all" is perfectly normal for use as the second person singular pronoun:

"I've HAD it with yore horse shit, Jesse Sue! Y'all can go FUCK OFF!!"

NOTE: This is useful because the person addressing Jesse Sue can imply both Jesse Sue (by herself) AND her biological family members in the same statement.
"Did y'all fuck Jesse Sue last night?"

"Y'all's grandma is a whore!"

"Y'all all git y'all's ass outta here!"

"Y'all come again."
by Rick Roberson February 02, 2012
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