The epitome of trash television. A show where a group of people sit around in a circle jerk babbling about what Brad Pitt bought from Starbucks the other day. It's done in such an obnoxious fashion and you wonder how it's still on air. Basically televised paparazzi shit, but with load people! The narrator sounds like he's been doing crack because he over exaggerates words and his voice makes him sound like a clown. Watching TMZ is a good way to simulate a lobotomy.
"Tonight on TMZAAYYYYYY... Brad Pit gets an AMERICANO and has a cowlick in his hair! WHOAHAOHAOA! What are we ever going to do!?!?"
by Cheeto Dust February 17, 2018
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A website/TV show run by people who wish they were as famous and desired as the pinky fingers of the people they so ardently bash.
Portly female TMZ employee eating a 1/2 lb piece of birthday cake: Did you see that picture of Britney Spears outside the Starbucks on Rodeo? SHE'S SO FAT!!

Middle-aged male TMZ employee with hair plugs: God, Dustin Hoffman looks so old!

Morbidly obese 20-something male TMZ employee with acne: lawlz, in this picture, Paris Hilton has a dimple of cellulite on the back of her left thigh! What a fatass!
by slinkychang July 19, 2008
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You know, the...worst humanity has ever put on in the history of the human race?

so terrible that I hate getting a clip to show you because I feel like getting the footage is giving them a fraction of support and that makes me feel like the devil? that fucking bad? ...and yet people still watch them like they're saying something important, when all they're doing is praying somebody will blow their brains out to preserve whatever measly shreds of journalistic decency they have left.
FUCK TMZ! If you're actually dumb enough to watch past the first two seconds without realizing it's sucking whatever intelligence you have, then you deserve your purgatory of rubbing tabloids on your genitalia, thinking you're getting laid and claiming to others you know how the world works, when really, you're just crying your virgin ass to sleep every night while eating your Dorrito and Cap'n Crunch sandwiches! No, seriously, you stab God every time you see this show! You rape a kitten every time you don't turn the channel!
by cinefiend3000 June 10, 2021
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Someone who is always recording/taking videos of others with their phone.
"Why do you keep recording bruh, stop being TMZ."
by SuperJ7 December 12, 2017
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TMZ stands for " tickle my zoin " (zoin meaning genitals)

it is a sexual term commonly used in the eastern region of the united states among teenagers during "sexting".
Sam- " TMZ Joe? ;)"
Joe- " Whats TMZ?"
Sam- " tickle my zoin silly"

Joe- " oh damn, yes! "
by lolingallday November 29, 2011
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A celebrity news source comprised of achingly annoying paparazzi and are completely oblivious to how pathetic and boring their news is. They will disturb a celebrity so much to simply get an aggravated reaction to report on. The organization on the whole is like a car crash-- you can't look away (at least for a minute) because of how stupid they are, which is why they're still around.
(Real Example)
TMZ Reporter 1: Johnny Knoxville was at LAX with a stuffed panda bear.
TMZ Reporter 2: What was he doing with a stuffed panda bear?
TMZ Reporter 1: I dunno.
by Douglas Young January 4, 2008
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