The word used by Southern Central United States because they are fucking idiots.
Yall wanna shoot bottle rockets up my ass?
by Zoolander July 18, 2005
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Short for you all - mainly used in the Southern United States. Maybe used in southern Kentucky and mountain areas.
Ya'll play soccer in Kentucky?

Say ya'll for me.

Do ya'll sleep with guns under your bed?

I didn't know ya'll could play soccer wearing overalls.
by SoccerGirl July 23, 2005
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A word that can only be used by people who are Texas residents, and no one else. It's not a meme, it's just a fucking word. People who use y'all and live in England, you are not trying to be funny, you are just being assholes who hold cups of tea like douches. Yes, that's right, I just called out England, so what? Also, if you don't know what Texas is, then you Google it.
British douche-bag on the streets of Austin: Why do y'all like Iced tea so much. Y'all should have warm tea as a norm.
Every Texas resident dead and alive: ....
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by AB365 October 21, 2017
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from the deep, uncultured, yokel south of America. For those not content with being so lazy they are hideously overweight and clinically stupid that they have now extended their idleness to shortening 2 words made up of 6 letters in total- ' you all'.
-hey can one of yall pass me a coke.
-do yo want diet.
-no i can claim welfare if i am clinically obese.
-awesome, i never believed in all the health problems.
- no and anyway mama says god loves me!
-well there's a lot of ya to love.
by gallipoli January 16, 2005
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Hicks 'slang' for "You" and "All"
"Y'all gunna get shawt if'n you dunt geh awff my popertey"
by T3CH December 21, 2004
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Associated with U.S. southern dialect when addressing a group or more than a single person. However, increasingly used as an informal, softended singular pronoun well - "Y'all come back now." as opposed to - "Hey come back here!"

Also increasingly used as a gender neutral alternative to "guys" - Hey y'all, when are we gonna leave? Y'all wanna get some food?
Y'all come back now

Y'all wanna get some food?

How Y'all doin?
by JJese November 25, 2016
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