The "trendiest" xanga -- an online journal must have the following information:

1) A list of every little thing that you did, including trips to the bathroom, shower, and anything personal that you should want the world to know.

2) If you went out, you must list every single person that you went out with. It's only a superb entry if you can list everyone. INCLUDING people you saw, people you met, people you wanted to meet and people you wanted to see.

3) In your status bar, you must "shoutout" to ALL the people you know.
- Write a mushy lovey dovey poem, saying i miss you, i love you, i want you, why cant i have you, i cant live without you, i am so desperate for some ass, you know..that kinda stuff..

a) To add some 'flavor' to the site, you must talk in incomprehensible ghetto slang that only you and your homies would understand. oh yea. almost forgot, you have to ToGgLe YoUr LeTtErS LiKe tHiS, oThErWiSe YoUr XaNgA eNtRy WiLl n0t Be CoMpLeTe!!
b) You may choose to write babyish, cute, sweet, you know write in words that makes reading take longer than it should.

5) At the end of each entry you must force your xanga friends to 'drop you some epills' or 'holla baqq!' (whatever that means).

6) At the entrance and exit of your xanga page you MUST have consistant pop ups reminding people to eprop you, miss you, threatning to kill people if they dont eprop you, curse out those who tries to right click.

7) Remember to curse a lot, but ONLY show your status!! no need to make sense either.

8) Yes, and self adulation is everything. you must first write about how your ass is so fine, and convince others that it's true by posting pretentious pictures of yourself showing your 'fine ass' (i've seen some pretty bugly pictures on xanga). While flattering yourself, your self esteem is then boosted, allowing you to continue being an egomaniac.

9) Try to make each xanga entry as concise as possible. Shorten your entry to one word if necessary, then force all your friends and random people to eprop you, making yourself look important.

10) End each sentence with lol. LoL a lot.
1) First i woke up then I went to take a piss, wiped, zipped and then I took a shower for 2 hours, then I dried myself, then i wanted to eat but wanted to lose weight so I...then I called Bob then I like kinda watched tv at 2:37pm, nothing was blah blah..

2)Today I chillaxed with Mary a., mary b., mary c., and not to forget anna a., anna b. and anna, john a, william, anne, jenny c., jenny d., jenny r. Then I bumped into Jerry L. and saw him with Lisa M. and Lisa M. told me that she saw Suzie P, an hour ago and I was SO happy!

3)<marquee> i love you i love you butt, im so desperate for ass </marquee>

4) a) wUdDuP hOmIeZ OnE lOVe Fo ShIzZoO i Be cHiLlaXinZ iN mY hOmiEz CrIB n PlAyEd WiD tOy GuNz tO SeEm MAD gHeTtO. PaCE!
b) t0dAiii mE w3NtTa SoM3wH3a d3nS i DiD s0m3tHinZ H3H3 (*iNs3rT SmIL3y*) i MiSs yo0 h3h3 iPh y0o dUnZ lYk3 m333h bAqqS Th3nNs imMa g0 WitH3R aWaY iNt0 oBliVi0n....

7) dem fucking shitheads like whoa dey madd qanqstas yo mother fuckin shiiiiets..... etc,etc

8) I am gorgeous. Don't hate. love me. Stare at my bootilicious pictures. I just went xangaing and saw the most butt fugly girl. I'm so much more beautiful than her.

9) Sup.
--- 102 eProps / 51 Comments

10) Fun day. Lol. Met up with ppls Lol. mad fun .lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol.
by verticallyChallenged June 30, 2004
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1. A weblog community
2. A journal for people to
a.)Bitch about their life
b.)Post literature (poetry, etc.)
c.)Brag about their rich social life (usually made up events to seem ungodly popular)
d.)Chronicle their day
e.)Just to have one- because all their friends are doing it!
f.)To piss people off
2a. "I can't take it anymore, I cut myself again today, life sucks so much,I want to die"
2c. So like Jenny called and wanted to know if I could come over,and Matt called, and Brian asked me to go to the mall with him. So I went to the mall and met up with some more of my friends and some guys sstarted hitting on me thety were like so hot,too!
2d.I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, went on the computer...
f.)Heyy guyz sup yall im just chillin leave propz MwAhZzZ omg TaNya 2dai wuz soOoO much fun lOlz--LuV yA LoTzZ xOxOJaNiE
by Emma January 1, 2004
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Well, the other definitions pretty much hit it on the nose.

But don't be like the junior high retards and pronounce it "EXANGA". Them, along with many dumbasses who use Xanga actually are stupid enough that they pronounce the "X" in Xanga to make it sound like "EXANGA". The "X" in "Xanga" is pronounce as a "Z". Pronounced "Zanga". Although middle school retards who are obsessed with Xanga can't even wrap their minds around the pronunciation even though they were taught how to pronounce "X" as a "Z" in the beginning of words in elementary school.

You don't call someone named Xander, "EXANDER".

You don't pronounce the word "Xylophone" as "EXylophone"

"X" used that as first letter in words is pronounced as a "Z"

by jordandw July 6, 2005
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An online diary used to either write about ones pointless day or to write brief insparations or random thoughts in ones head.
Some use it to write merely for themselves (if their site is not given out, they do not post on anyone else's site, and they have no other connections to their site, it would be pretty hard to find).
Others use it to communicate with friends, and only their friends.
And then there are some who search and search for other people's sites and read every aspect of their poor pathetic lives because they have stalker tendencies.
Ok, so my day was like this, I have no life so I sat on the couch with my daritos all day and watched soap opras because if you look beyond the poor acting and overdramitized women, they're actually pretty damn funny...
I swear she's a dog trapped in a cat's body...
This is much better then that old torn notebook and Mik wont beable to find this one...
Hey you ass, why weren't you in English today, the transvestite whore was gone and we had the coolest sub...
ooh, bobby from flordia, oh and his favortite sport is baseball, mine too, he has a girlfriend, i'm gonna kill that wench for stealling my man...
by DC June 11, 2004
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Before there was myspace and facebook, there was xanga.
by Debsta April 10, 2006
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A live-journal type website that people use to complain about their pathetic lives.

It was once popular, until myspace took over, where they could not only complain about their lives, but also put pictures up of them being "depressed" and "emo" because their lives "suck."
Xanga Entry:

Like OMG!!!!! My life suxz soo much!!111 My 'rents wont let me go 2 teh movie with Josh!!11!!1 I just wanna die! No one understands me!! blah blah blah blah.............
by seth_cohen_fan January 11, 2006
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Like live journal, but more Asian.
Those Asians love their Xangas
by JakeStar April 23, 2005
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