* I'm studying like woah for this midterm tommorrow.
* The police are out like woah holdin it down
by Dani September 7, 2003
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made popular by Black Rob in his song "Whoa". when something is "like whoa" it means it's awe inspiring or extreme.
did you see that girl's ass? that shit was like whoa.
i dropped that fool like whoa.
by bpmbrent February 20, 2009
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"Like Whoa" is an expression used when something is amazing.
"My hair looks like whoa!"

"I love that band like whoa!"
by Jalin March 30, 2006
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Like whoa is commonly used when something is simply too great for words.
Sig eps at WCU are the best like whoa.
by I'm all secret like whoa September 23, 2005
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a new revolutionary genre in music that is bringing back radness and whoa
"have you heard that new song"
"yeah it's rad like whoa"
by Idownloadstufffromtheinternet November 23, 2011
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im da best lova 'round
"my love is like whoa"...der
by blah October 29, 2003
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A state of fascination or awe. Therefore, you say "whoa" in response to whatever you find unbelievable.

This definition is dervied from the movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. He says "whoa" once he learns of his incredible powers.
Example #1 "Oh my God, I'm totally whoaing like Keanu Reeves over here. Did you see Vanilla Sky? What a mind bender!" says Jules.

Example #2 "The sex has to be great," says Marc. "It has to be so good that is has you whoaing like Keanu Reeves."
by Omarossa June 19, 2005
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