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Short for "what you need" usually a drug dealer will use it
-Yo you good?
--Yea wyn?
-eighth for 45?
by JakeDers June 28, 2015
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a colloquialism of the word "win" commonly used to refer to something awesome, an epic victory or to describe a person or object in an appreciative light
Effemhard: zomg Stavis you n00b you just got pwnz0r'd by Xerona!
Stavis: lolz I don't care, Xerona's fricken HAWT! ;DDD
Effemhard: lawlz ftwyn!!
by vanillacuppycakes June 15, 2009
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A stupid hoe ass dude that cant keep his dick out of anything with a vagina
That motherfucker is a wyn
by MysteryInferno November 22, 2016
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1. v./verb wyn // wyn'ed
Act of awkwardly 'seen'zoning someone intendedly making herself/himself/themselves embarassed.

2. n./noun wyning
Whining in a cute-kitty way, to someone who is possible to be your boyfriend, or spare.
1. Yus: "You've been the queen of my heart, pretty!"
*awkward silence*
Fer: "HAHAH YOU GOT WYN'ed bro!"

2. Priya: "AWwww I wantu that pie! :<"
Duy: "UGH. STOP wynining Priya. Talk like human"
by greatmoan April 01, 2017
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