Destroy Dick December. The opposite of No Nut November. One must nut once for Dec. 1, twice for Dec. 2, and so on until New Years eve were you must nut 31 times. I suggest keeping reminders on your phone so you don't forget. It is be a tough but it can be done. By the time it is over, you will have ejaculated 496 times and you will be crowned the DDD king.
Josh: Bro ur a pussy, you only made it 5 days into DDD.

Drake: Stfu man it's not that easy.
by Herbert the Pervert November 30, 2017
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Doube Digit Dick is a cock that is ten or more inches long, that is, that has a measurement in inches of double digits.
OMG! Last night I met a guy with a DDD. My sex life will never be the same.
by Susan0506 October 1, 2011
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Dick Drawing Disorder.... is disorder that is sweeping the nation, which compels people to draw dicks on everything and anything they can draw on, this disorder is rampant and is ever increasing in sexually frustrated boys in high school.
I think Andres has a mad case of DDD cause he keeps drawing dicks on Padro's wall.
by nightwing93 May 27, 2010
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For the victors of NNN have been accepted by the brotherhood to participate in nutting everyday of December. This is not suggested to participate in this event.
No one has ever finished DDD. The current record is 9 days held by Jaden Wilkins.
by Jaden ch November 2, 2018
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Don't Die December, the month where you just don't die.
Unless you're already dead, which you can't even read this.

I don't know anymore.
Are you ready for DDD?
by Niko_OneShot16 November 26, 2020
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DDD or in other words Dick Down December. The opposite of NNN. Men will get the freedom to ejaculate all through December. So you boys better get them Ho Ho Ho’s
John - You know what time of the year it is? Right Erick?

Both of them- DDD!!
by Bleep bop December 15, 2019
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DDD, Deep Dick Depression. A term used when someone has been deprived of dick for an elongated period of time. This person may suffer not only physically, but socially, spiritually, and emotionally as well. Not curable unless dick is prescribed immediately.
Ms. Fajita: "Hey Tuck, are you okay? This is the third day in a row you haven't turned in your homework."
Tuck: "Sorry Ms. Fajita, I've been suffering from major DDD."
by Gus&ZoeIncorporated September 21, 2020
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