love, except a fuzzier (and therefore superior) version. will always make your day significantly brighter.
by anastasia101 November 20, 2011
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A childish way of saying love. Cute, sweet, innocent.
Not understood by aliens.
Nd-Nd: What is this emotion you humans call "wuv"?
Lrrr: Surely it says "love".
Nd-Nd: No, "wuv", with an Earth W. Behold.
Lrrr: This concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us!
by Smonkle March 17, 2011
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another version of love but in a more puppy love,more lovable way.(baby talk)
istead of "i love you" its "i wuv you shmoogums woogums sweety peety!"
then finish it off with an escimo kiss(when you and your partner rub eachothers noses back and forth)
by juan loves nicole August 14, 2007
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1. A baby-talk pronunciation of love. When used by adults, "wuv" implies that the love-object is cute, childlike, and/or cuddly. Very rarely used about sexual attraction; puppy love is a near-synonym of this word.

2. Childlike displays of affection by someone who has fallen in "wuv".
1. Awww...I wuv you sooo much, my widdle snuggle bear.

2. My girlfriend's driving me nuts; every time we go on a date, she goes wuv-crazy.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 15, 2006
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Same as love, except when the person is too scared to actually say it.
Steve wuvs all of the high school girls.
by Darrin May July 23, 2003
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A term that is used interchangeably with love, but also references extreme physical attraction. This word is often used in conjunction with an ever-welcome kiss on the forehead.
Erik and Cydney have definitely brought wuv up to a whole new level; I sure wish I had some wuv right about now.
by WediditforReggie September 30, 2005
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