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Similar to the Austrailian slang term for a woman(a sheila), cydney refers to a painfully gorgeous and intelligent female capable of bringing destruction and desire to any man she meets. A cydney is a heartbreaker.
I just can't get that cydney from last summer out of my head.
by WediditforReggie September 21, 2005

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A term that is used interchangeably with love, but also references extreme physical attraction. This word is often used in conjunction with an ever-welcome kiss on the forehead.
Erik and Cydney have definitely brought wuv up to a whole new level; I sure wish I had some wuv right about now.
by WediditforReggie September 29, 2005

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One who is only interested in going to church or youth group because it is the cool thing to do within his social circle. When not praising the Lord, Aberchristians are generally fucking or drinking-- being as hypocritical as possible. The prefix "Aber" is derived from the fact that they are generally overprivileged rich kids from East Cobb who exclusively wear Abercrombie and Fitch and are as fake as the ideology behind the brand.
"Did you hear about Nerissa fucking Jordan in the JFBC parking lot after youth group?"
"In his new Navigator? God, I hate Aberchristians."
by Wediditforreggie April 26, 2006

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An Austrailian type of knapsack, that one might use to carry a large amount of survival gear for a long journey.

A place for storing stolen livestock, as immortalized in the song "Waltzing Matilda".
"I've got a 2-week supply of beer in my tuckerbag, mate."

"Where's that jolly jumbuck, that you've got in your tuckerbag?!"

by Wediditforreggie January 24, 2006

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