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The first time you see her you'll fall in love with her she gives you this amazing feeling that makes you smile gives you goosebumps and butterflies everytime you see her it's like the first time all over again. She has the most amazing laugh and her voice once you hear it you'll know what an angel sounds like. She takes your breath away so its hard to breathe let alone talk to her. She's that girl that you want to be with and that you'd do anything for. Being around her is the best from either sitting in class, driving around for hours or surprising her at work and the more you are with her the more you fall for her which makes you just want to be around her even more. She is so beautiful caring competitive funny smart and super cute, there are so many more words to describe her. Overall she is the greatest person you'll ever meet and is the definition of perfect. You'll want to thank more than God for having her in your life. If you have feelings for a Kassandra tell her how you feel or type it up on where anyone can see how you feel and have her read it like I have just done. I could go on and on about Kassandra but if I did it would take forever and I would rather tell her in person.
A little story I went to a cheer competition and was talking to another girl on the squad I wasn't aloud to be with her so I told everyone I was there to watch Kassandra. The thing is I was there to watch Kassandra I loved her and still do. I just wanted her to know that.
Most amazing person ever known
Absolutely Stunning
Kassandra is perfect!!!
by JosephPaul13 June 23, 2018
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Kassandra means she is an awesome person to be with. Kassandra's are also super competitive and hate to lose but they are not sore-losers and they are all about the team and hate show offs. they also put everyone before them, and will do anything not to give up anything to make somebody happy. They are very loyal friends and will always be their for you even when you are in the wrong. They aren't good at telling people what they really think and when someone is unhappy they will cheer them up and overall Kassandra's are honestly the best friends, girlfriends, you will ever have. they are kind, loving, considerate, intelligent, athletic, and AMAZING! but they don't always stick with just one person or one gender and they can also get very jealous and expect a lot from their significant other When a Kassandra says i love you they will mean it and they do not deal well with a loss or death of somebody close. if a Kassandra is hurt or upset although they won't ask or want to talk about it at first, what they really want is for someone they love it just hold them while they cry and then talk about their feelings and thoughts. whatever you do don't let a Kassandra go out of your life. and if you are in love with one.. tell them before its to late.
You know that Kassandra we will be great friends in the future.
by fall_baby1011 April 10, 2015
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Kassandra is another word for someone who is amazing
Kick ass
with out a doubt the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth
And she is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for
if I were to go on about how awesome this girl is
it would take forever
So in short a Kassandra would be the girl you are in total love with
No doubt
Nothing can explain Kassandra
by Robby!!!! January 09, 2007
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Kassandra is a tall girl how is shy but once gets to be known she is a great friend smiles everywhere she goes she is very tomboy in the darkest days she will make the best of it if your friend is named Kassandra you are in for the best years of your life she plays a lot of video games (c.o.d,heros of the storm,overwatch)you can spend hours looking into her dark brown eyes and her soft hair the second she touches your hand you can feel her cold.she listens to sad romantic garbage (joji,ect) the second she walks in the room lights up knowing today is a good day Kassandra is a great girlfriend stealing your jacket to giving random kiss out of nowhere she listens what you have to say if you 10/27/20
Kassandra is my best friend a person can ask for
by Kassiy4life October 23, 2017
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Kassandra's are usually shy and quiet when they first meet people but as they get to know someone they will begin to trust them and be more comfortable around them. they are usually hilarious and can make you laugh or smile by just looking at them. they very cute and have super sexy bodies (ass ;) ) they are sometimes self conscious and need to be told that they are beautiful regularly. they don't like to open up to people even though they fall in love very easily. when something is wrong or bothering them they keep it inside and sometimes inflict self pain or find a way that doesn't hurt other people, especially that they care about. when they do talk to people about what they feel or are thinking about they tend to get emotional which is surprising because they don't show a lot of emotions.
person 1: i am in love with a Kassandra but she is shy and i don't know if she loves me back.

person 2: just tell her, Kassandra's are super understanding she won't tell anyone if she doesn't love you. and if she does she will be the best girlfriend. just tell her.
by sukher4luv June 27, 2011
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