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1)v. to fuck
2)n. a smokeable item (joint, cigarette)
3)n. money, usually in dollars
4)n. boner
5)adj. prefix meaning stupid
6)idiom: to throw a bone - to show sympathy towards another
7)n. hard skeletal tissue
1)Hey, Christen, want to bone tonight?
2)Pass that bone down this way
3)Can you spot me a few bones?
4)He popped a huge bone when he saw your mom.
5)Don't be such a bonehead!
6)I threw you a bone and helped you cheat on that quiz.
7)He busted a bone in his hand.
by The General June 02, 2004

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Wedlock is not the "art of bastard breeding," nor is it "illegitamate children," (sic) nor is it "the act of having children before marriage."

Wedlock is the state of being married, or it can mean matrimony.

Wedlock should not be confused with the phrase 'out of wedlock' which means that something has taken place or one or more people are out of the state of being married (read: unwed).
Billy was a bastard born out of wedlock.

Bobby-Sue and Johnny will no longer be in wedlock after their divorce and annulment.
by The General August 22, 2005

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Shortened version of poor, usually reserved to describe someone of extreme poverty.
He's so po he couldn't afford the other half of the word.
by The General April 02, 2004

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Its where you fucking lay down flat on the ground and let your boner lift you up off the ground. It may seem impossible at first, that your cock can't support your whole weight, but over time it can. you can only really do one, but one is all you need. This helps you get ready for when you become attractive to the ladies.
KG: Do you think that um, do you think that when the album, when this is out...
JB: Yeah?
KG: Do you think it will make us um, more attractive to the ladies?
JB: Pshh, yeah, in fact, I been getting ready.
KG: Yeah?
JB: Yeah, I been doin cock pushups.
KG: Cock Pushups?
JB: Yeah.
KG: What are those?
JB: Its where you fuckin lay down flat on the ground.
KG: Yeah...
JB: And then you let your boner lift you up off the ground.
KG: N...no, that's, that'd be impossible. Your cock can support your whole
JB: Well not at first...
KG: Yeah?
JB: But over time.
KG: Hmm...how many pushups can you do?
JB: ...cock pushups?
KG: Yeah...I guess, you could only do one really.
JB: Yeah, well one is all ya need

-Tenacious D's skit "Cock Pushups"
by The General June 03, 2004

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1) To really whoop someone physically or verbally; to hand it to them.

When adjectivized ({wrecked}) it becomes a word to describe how messed up someone was becuase of a physical or verbal beating, or sometimes because of substance abuse.
1) When the volleyball team ran the guantlet to initiate their freshmen, Bean picked up a sandal and totally wrecked someone.
2) I totally wrecked my histroy teacher when we debated Fascism vs. totalitarianism.
3) Last night I met up with Mike and smoked a bowl, I was so wrecked that I couldn't find my way back home.
by The General March 28, 2004

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He is an unknown, wildcard rapper specializing in bass rap. I can credit him with one great single "Ain't Got No Panties On," but I have yet to come across any of his other work. Perhaps he was an underground one hit wonder. Who knows. All the matters is that "Ain't Got No Panties On" is a prodigious track that should be listened to by all.
Waxamillion is so underground that Jim can't even find a webpage about him or with lyrics to his songs.
by The General July 28, 2004

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DST, or daylight saving time, is both a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to make the day longer (daylight saving) by setting clocks forward one hour. This initially screws us over by depriving us of one hour of sleep on the first saturday night in April. However, it also allows us to enjoy the sunlight for an extra hour in the summertime, letting us party hardy every night for that extra 60 minutes.
Jim: DST fucked me over last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep.
Bill: Yeah but think of all the extra daylight we will have this summer, during which we can party hardy.
by The General April 04, 2004

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