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Constituting or characterizing greatness or an excess of awesomeness. See synonyms at bitchin.
He was such a napacious volleyball player that we had to recruit him immediately.
by The General December 7, 2004
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The art of pleasing a girl's pussy through the use of another's mouth. Usually aided by a munchjob kit. Invented by Hannah.

also see munch
After giving her a munchjob I had a strange craving for Red Lobster.
by The General November 23, 2003
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Used to aid a munchjob. Contents include:

• (1) hairy mustache (may be used for disguise or simply pleasure)
• (1) container of Altoids
• (1) pair of tweezers
• (3) rolls of dental floss
• (10 oz.) tarter sauce (for added flavor)
Knowing what was to come, he whipped out his munchjob kit and immediately began to apply the tarter sauce...
by The General November 23, 2003
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One who attends Special Ed programs at his or her school one who partakes in illegal drug use One who uses the F-word 30+ times a day
Alex had to go to Mrs. Adams class today because he is a sped and was caught spedifying the hallway with the Hall brothers.
by The General February 1, 2003
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One who is a remedial student one who acts as if life is the 4th grade one who is not intelligent yet does not attend Special Education classes and does not use illegal drugs, but hangs out with Kyle Hudson
Amber Posey is writing notes during class to her boyfriend like a remeed.
by The General February 1, 2003
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n. one who is retarded emotionally; origin comes from the combination of the words 'retard' and 'emotion' using the tenses of the former
She cheated on him but he keeps going back to her, the fucking remo.

She still likes him even though he's an asshole to her, she's so remoed.
by The General December 10, 2003
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Shortened version of poor, usually reserved to describe someone of extreme poverty.
He's so po he couldn't afford the other half of the word.
by The General April 2, 2004
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