Shorter way of saying yourself

Correct yourself before you wreck yoself.
by Idkwhattonamemyself123 March 24, 2015
derived from the name of the spoken word artist Malik Yusef. The term was instigated by a group of Jackson, Mississippi poets upon noticing Malik's presence and absence during a largely respected spoken word event in the Jackson.

it means to be absent, to leave, to go on, to dismiss one self

it can also be used without the space "malikyoself"

a trending topic on Twitter #malikyoself
ex1. I can't believe you did that. Now go malik yoself, fool!

ex2. Nigga, you just need to stop, just do us all a favor and malik yoself.
by refinedSMARTS January 19, 2010
The act of involving oneself in all things technological.
You ain't on Twitter? You need to tech yoself.
by cheesey c. July 7, 2009
Delonte: Yo Jamz, why you be all up in my grill dawg?
Jamal: Shut yo mouth muthafucka! I gotta can of whoop-ass waitin for you so yo u betta brace yoself foo'!
by Agra April 1, 2004
Misunderstanding of break yourself, meaning "prepare to submit" to robbery, ass-kicking, etc.
White kid, misunderstanding Chapelle's Show, yells out "Brace yoself foo'!" and then throws a water balloon at his older sister.
by bobby_digits September 7, 2006
You better corona distance yoself before I slap that shit out of you for your snarky comment. To tell someone to back the fuck up out of your space real quick like.
You stole my girl, you better corona distance yoself before you get the shit knocked out of you
by TherealZB May 28, 2020
to give respek to a person of hombre
guy number1 says: word up
guy number2 says:big it up yoself
by five dolla holla July 25, 2009