The one person that you can't live without and means everything to you
by Beauty6160 February 16, 2015
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guy 1: bro, have you heard Worlds by Porter Robinson?

guy 2: hell yea i have, its the best album ever dropped
by theuglyblob February 11, 2020
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A place, where we live. A place where spend our lives.
by The amaze lover March 04, 2017
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place to be.
"Welcome to the world of tomorrow"

-- I.C. Wiener
by Chombonaut January 31, 2003
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Derived from the phrase "WORLD CHAMPION". It means greatness to the highest possible degree
Yo man that girl is looking WORLD.
by James Snake January 13, 2005
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A fantastic EDM album written by the ever popular Amercan DJ, Porter Robinson.

The album includes some well known tracks, such as Divinity, Sad Machine, Sea of Voices, Goodbye to a World, and many more.

People who listen to the music in this album are known to feel a rush of emotions to many of the songs. Robinson himself admits that these songs are extremely sentimental to him as well, and his audience feels that.
Chris: *singing along* "And though I know since you’ve awakened her again, She depends on you, she depends on you. She'll go on, and never speak of this again. We depend on you, we depend (I depend) on you"... *starts crying at the drop*

Mark: Yo, you okay?

Chris: Yeah. It's just the Worlds album. A lot of really feelsy music in this. Don't worry. I'll be okay.
via giphy
by akuwardmoments January 16, 2019
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see Wal-Mart.

I would leave this definition at that, but apparently I cannot. That sucks.

Um, yah, we live in it.
You can buy a bunch of cheap shit at Wal-Mart that was made by abused, underpaid, and helpless Chinese children. Wee, let's go!
by BoB April 23, 2005
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