The word World, often used in the Malay context for when someone is making shit up or spouting nonsense out of their mouth. Originated from PrnzxcBoiTangga and BaebyXxPrincessxXKeningTajamPakaiSetsquare at Yishun junction 12 (Singapore)
boiSachok: Hey sorry I couldn't make it I was not feeling well

SashaTangga: Kau Jangan nak "world" ah sia (stop spouting nonsense) Then what was that Ig story of you at Baliza
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by PrnzxcBoiSachok July 08, 2021
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The person you love...
Bro 1: bro I have to pee
Bro 2: just pee anywhere bro the world is your toilet
*bro 1 pees into bro 2's mouth*
bro 2: bro wtf
bro1: your my world bro
Colonel sanders: what in the hot krispy kentuckey fried fuck
by butteredpotato8 September 15, 2020
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