Derived from the phrase "WORLD CHAMPION". It means greatness to the highest possible degree
Yo man that girl is looking WORLD.
by James Snake January 14, 2005
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What a Wonderful World…. You know when you last heard this song? You might not have heard it, but it was playing.

If not, check your most recent stream (at the end)
YOU make my world wonderful!!!
How I eagerly wait for one day
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It’s a Jojo’s reference, barely anyone in THE WORLD would understand.
by Costless June 23, 2020
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really really really fucked up off of smoking weed, cannibus, marijuana. really fucked up that u cant get any higher; so fucked up that ur hallucinating; fucked up to the point of actually ''trippin'';so gone and blazed and marijuaniado that u dont even know what to say or think. see also marijuaniado .
After those 8 blunts, im in that world.
Smoking that chronic got me in that world.
You: You blazed?
Someone else: Im in that world.
by Raffa August 20, 2003
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A situation or idea that is incredibly wrong and disturbing, or would cause an extreme amount of drama. Even contemplating this is enough to cause a major headache.
1. Shit damn, Tom just told me he's into Charlotte and wants to ask her out, but considering he dated her best friend for two years, that's a whole world of no right there.

2. Look at that dress in the picture; it looks pretty good on the model, she has no breasts, but on me it'd be a world of no.

3. The party was fine until Derek started in on the wine; that boy and red wine combined made for an entire world of no.
by StalkerTime July 26, 2008
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can be used as it's the world or your the world. a term saying that something is really good.
try this bud it's the world.
by george January 21, 2005
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Wanted to share the excitement with you lol

Came up with a new song…
Instead of Elmo’s world
It is “my name” world..
The fighter and the bunny didn’t share in my amusement lol
I will even give you a verse ❤️❤️
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