The act of leaving high school with a high school student,your grandfather, his Egyptian fortune teller,a French man and a dog to go kill a 100 year old gay British vampire in Egypt with some spooky ghosts
He's been off for a long time, he's such a jotaro
by Jojo freak April 11, 2019
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1. A character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures whose stand is Star Platinum.

2. Woman in Japanese
1: Dude, Jotaro is the best JoJo.

2: No way! I think it’s Joseph!
by flexv3 March 19, 2020
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A challenge made by an intellectual with goals ranging from first dibs of the soda in the fridge all the way to getting permission to ask out a friend's ex. This challenge is accepted by the other person by yelling "DIO" in a deep, angry voice. What happens after is unpredictable, and often chaotic.

This can also be a general greeting.
Use 1
Person 1: "JOTARO!"
Person 2: "DIO!"
(general chaos)

Use 2
Person 1: "JOTARO!"
Person 2: "DIO!"
Person 1: good talk.
Person 2: yep
by IStoleYourWaifu July 12, 2020
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The main character in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", part 3. His full name is Jotaro Kujo.
Jotaro is probably the most memorable character of the entirety of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, next to Dio.
by FyterX December 23, 2019
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One who is a nerd. Does now know how to spell "sexilicious" properly.
He's such a jotaro, he's wearing glasses and has an Avengers lunch box
by sexitastic November 29, 2012
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