World Of Warcraft simply sucks the life out of you, now with microphones so now you atleast speak, maybe they will invent WoW robots for your home to get you your food and drink..
World Of Warcraft
Me: Hi mate hows life?
Friend: Its WoW...
by Dan-G October 25, 2007
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a fucking game that will empty out ur bank account dry to the bone and will make lose all ur friend and ur girlfriend
if u ever had one(probably not if u were playing it)

effects:will make u broke, friendless,luminous intolerencious("latin" for intolerance to light because u were too long in the dark),hungry-ness(because u dont have enought cash to buy food cause WoW took it all!!1), addiction to WoW, fagness and blindness
Dudes 1:Dood, look, theres that World of warcraft geek who is broke n hungry.

Dudes 2:ya i know, he tried to mug me for money to pay for his lvl 85 ork or whatever he was talkin' about.

Dudes 3: ya he's just a f-ing übernoob

Dude 1: I second
by Frederic M.Bourdages May 31, 2007
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World Of Warcraft - A game where fiction becomes insanity;
What I don't understand is the following:
Half the worlds population play this game online and have no lives. The other half appears to be on Urban Dictionary bashing them. At least those that play the game have a reason to be retarded vs those that are creating scenarios about their gfs dumping them, or losing their jobs, or not getting an education or making money.
And now thanks to all those hurting ppl in the world Of Warcraft, because of you I BECAME ONE MYSELF wasting my time and life and energy writing this definition. World Of Warcrap - To everyone on this site...Go Get Laid!

World Of Warcraft - You Are All Hurting
by Antoine Gigalo March 04, 2008
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A game to make me stop having any thoughts of Morrowind.
Also- A good way to make me feel special in which YOU CAN TURN INTO A FREAKING BEAR.
A game in which the player may not go outside for weeks at a time, even if they are a chick, (as the writer of this example is) all Normal social interactions (That I am assuming you've had) wear away, and you become frustrated by a Hermit named Abercrombie who wants waaaaayyy too many things from the graveyard that he lives in.

For some, (Such as this writer) you may become addicted to it in mental, and physical ways, unable to concentrate in school, at home, or at work (If You have a job) due to the searing pain of not having access to your World of Warcraft. You may become easily distracted when people say simple phrases, and be led into other internet terms that will confuse others. Such as, "I wanna borrow that" "Top! I wanna borrow that top." And then realizing that you are not with a fellow internet addict, being embarrased, and walking away.
And furthermore realising that you are not, Sythindiå, Of the Sin'Dorei.
by A silly little girl July 10, 2008
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yet another game where more men play than women and the men that do play, use female avatars and often confuse other players with genders.
World of Warcraft player 1: "Hey, you're a good lookin priest, nice dress."
WoW Player 2: "Thanks, it matches my hair and tatooes."
WoW Player 1: "So hey, wanna go get killed in Naxx?"
WoW player 2: "Na, I can't. My girlfriend's commin over for a movie."
WoW player 1: "wait.....so you're a dude? Playing a chick toon?"
by KittyKat Tenyo April 12, 2009
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Girls: If your boyfriend likes this game.... RuN!!! Don't accept being second in his life. Those who have been there know what I mean. Way to addictive.
Because of World of Warcraft, my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight.
by Rachel19 August 27, 2007
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