Great job; well done; people see you for a good job done
After he finished the work before the deadline, she complimented him ' Hey, You the centric ... '
by Andyind May 6, 2016
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Someone who clearly believes that the world spins around him/her. It's not the same as ego-centric or self-centered, because the self-centric person is not full of him or herself. He or she only believes that everything in the world has to do with him or her.
I think he is pretty self-centric.
by hummingbird604 January 23, 2008
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With a primary focus on the customer and the customer's needs with the goal of providing valuable services to the customer.
Our services are completely customer-centric.
by Keeem March 14, 2007
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-adjective: Used to describe a gumbo, which as a result of the perilous nature of shopping for sausage links in Brazil, contains a disproportionate amount of sausage.
Brenda: "I made a gumbo to celebrate the New Orleans Saints making the Superbowl."
Sean: "That sounds great."
Brenda: "I should warn you though- it's going to be somewhat sausage-centric."
by SausageLover17 February 10, 2010
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Those who believe everything is associated with the borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames and the whole world surrounds it
Lets go to this restaurant in Richmond as it is better because it is in Richmond - Richmond Centric view
by Non-RichmondCentric-Person1 March 22, 2022
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(adj.) An individual that is very low energy, mellow, and relaxed while possessing the qualities of someone who is very eccentric.
Yo, that dude is so chill-centric. He talked about art history for the longest time while seemingly having no interest in it.
by Motakka May 28, 2015
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