A scumbag company that doesn't give a flying shit what they do to get money .
man we should really boycott Blizzard
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The act of farting cocaine onto someone's face.
Let's get a hooker and have her blast a blizzard on us.
by therealflamer April 14, 2017
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Coined during the great Chicago blizzard of 2011, it's the term that best describes the "good time" one may have stuck inside with his or her pals on a Snow Day.
Looks like it's supposed to snow, like, 30 inches, let's hunker down and get blizzarded
by Sour Cream and Jives February 3, 2011
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Blizzarding is when you creampie a chick inside of a Dairy Queen and if she stands up and it comes out, you go for Round 2.
Nibba 1: “dawg tonight I’m going Blizzarding.”
Nibba 2: “get the fuck away from me nibba
by Monkey Shagger September 28, 2019
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A company that shatters the hopes and dreams of people around the world by feeding them false patch update news for World of Warcraft and getting them excited for nothing.
"Did you hear about Druid healers being buffed next patch? I can't wait!"

"Nah man, it's Blizzard, do you really think they'd stick with it?"
by HellsingDMC November 1, 2014
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n. A game company which creates the most addictive award-winning games.

Has created Starcraft and Warcraft universes, and the ever-popular Diablo game.
Hey, look, that game was made by Blizzard.
by Wasted-Blodmage August 25, 2003
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This is the first, the original of ice cream desserts. Long before Sonic's Blasts or McDonald's McFlurries, there was the great. The Blizzard is still the best, don't be fooled by the cheap imitations!
by k_s August 9, 2006
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