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Short for Bubble Guts. Occurs when you eat something that makes your stomach upset and you feel like you have to poop really badly. Usually followed by diarrhea
Dag dude, them cheeseburgurs gave me the bgs.
by ???:_? March 10, 2006
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Busted , Gut , Syndrome. The act of busting a ladies guts from a hard fucking.Busted Gut Syndrome comes into play when the ladies gut hurts for hours,days,weeks, or even months from hard fucking.
My stomach hurts after you fuck me, bitch you got BGS . BUSTED GUT SYNDROME ..
by Collin the Weasel January 24, 2007
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"the bubble guts" a bad feeling in the pit in your stomach, oftenly reffered to as "butterflys in your stomach"
the feeling you get when you get scared/paranoid about something
"come on man, this aint a good idea, i got the BG's"
"what the fuck is the BG's?"
"it means i got the bubble guts"
"sounds like butterflies to me"
by M. "Smoke'M" Crackaz September 12, 2006
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An affectionate term used to describe over-sized, socially awkward, probably stoned and usually not, but potentially gay friends named Steve. An acronym for Big Gay Steve.
Yo BGS, pass the fucking joint you microphone assassin!
by Brother McMillan November 14, 2010
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Bitches Get acronym used only by Triple Gs
BGS 4 Life!

James: yo Kai4Reals, some punk tried to step up to me

Kai: What'd you do J-with so much swagga?

James: I let that bitch know....BGS fool BGS
by J-with so much swagga January 08, 2010
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Boner Gone Soft.

Used in the most extreme situations that would result in a soft boner.
I got fired from my job yesterday.... BGS.

My drug dealer got arrested last night! BGS!

Easy has sex with his wife........ BGS!!
by deezNUTShollaback January 11, 2011
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