Girls: If your boyfriend likes this game.... RuN!!! Don't accept being second in his life. Those who have been there know what I mean. Way to addictive.
Because of World of Warcraft, my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight.
by Rachel19 August 27, 2007
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An extremly shitty ass game that is boring as hell...........u pay to fish every month....a game that is nothing compared to guild wars
Omg i just got guild wars.......Fuck World of warcraft.
by Slickback_Teh_Pimp May 15, 2006
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i play both games, but switched to GW since i have school and dont have cash to play wow
A game that is in constant battle with Guild Wars. Most WoW players say that Guild Wars can suck WoW's balls. Most GW players say that WoW can suck GW's balls.
Let me shed some light on the subject.

Graphics: GW wins

Huge-ness: WoW beats Gw in da face(altho that can change when gw2 comes out)

quest system: Gw wins fare&square, in wow the quest are as boring as my mom's wooden leg

Economical: gw wins, altho the 15 bucks per month is crap

Players: in GW most towns are really empty, and are very isolated, so people who dont want to do missions in the town, just go to Kamadan or some other capital.

Mature-ness of players: when i played wow i met some really cool people, most of them over 16(means theyre cool) but the ones which are -16 are like idiots who spend their time laughig at you when you get killed since theyre 48 levels above you

overall, both games are equal. please, stop arguing like dipshits over which game is better. THE GAME THAT IS BETTER IS THE ONE WHICH U HAVE MORE FUN IN, and that counts for you and you only!
Thank you for your cooperation
WoW: omg wow totaly pwnez gw in da fukin face go get a life boooon
GW: lol u waste ur muny on stupid crap liek dat gw has better graphisicis and the ppl arent 11 years old booncaek mofo!

World of Warcraft is cool.
Guild Wars is cool.
by i playes guild wars's October 17, 2007
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World of Warcraft™ is a Mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing game) created by Blizzard inc.

it's based on the Warcraft universe and have similar lore (Story) behind it.

By those who don't play it, it is known as a Social life killer that only nerds play.

Those who play it mostly thinks it's a great way to socialize with even more people then you could outside the game. This game have over 11 million active accounts!

Those who used to play and quit, calls it boring and stupid, and often refers to "vanilla" as being much better. in some cases they reject it completly and make fun of people playing it, just to come back and get popular with those who haven't played it at all.
"Blizzard Destroyed World of warcraft, i want vanilla wow back it was actually hard to get gear then....."
by Kilari January 27, 2010
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is sexist!
when kiefer got a tiger they only had guy tigers. that is sexist. now his tiger is named raquel even though it is a guy. world of warcraft needs to be less sexist and have girl tigers too because girl tigers exist in the real world!
by dr. fuckel February 08, 2009
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A game where nerds think they are cool enough to say such bad things like "Fuck you nigga" or"Bitch im lvl 70 and your lvl 19 i could own your mom in bed" or some bull shit like that some times cool people play it, and they get to addicted and turn into fat greasy nerds, and they can dance -_- and has 2 expansion games already and people are getting ANGREH because they want to play it so badly that they look up the internet all day long to just try to find one wow leak or the new expansion and, wow has commercials where they must of payed the actors over 10000$ just to be in one commercial such as Mr.T or that dude from Star Trek and other people yet to come.
World of warcraft is like weed in a computer :D, side affects are you get acne, you may lose your girl friend or you may never get one, you may lose your friends and get online friends and ask a docter for the rest
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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A MMORPG that is compared against every other MMMORPG is existance.
n00b: "Hey, check out this this new MMORPG, it's better than World of Warcraft."
n00b2: "This free MMO is much better than WoW"
by Alex225 February 03, 2008
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