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Being generic, bland, soul-less, mainstream, or distasteful in nature in order to appeal to wider, often mindless audiences.
"Starbucks is just too wonderbread for me to be interested in going there. All the girls that go there prove that."
by hailthemotherland June 07, 2015
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a term for those of the Caucasian race; in common usage by the members of the african american persuasion. Carries with it a derrogatory nature. (implied cracker, honkey, chalky, or in the strictest terms : whitey)
Hey wonderbread get the fuck off my 68 impala, shit's got hydro's mother fucker.
by Matt February 24, 2004
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a slang term for a white person. kind of like 'NIGGA', it is used by white people as nigga is for black peeps.
dude one: hey wonder bread
dude two: what ho?.. haha
dude one: haha wats up
by jake kosorok October 16, 2006
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White person who is so happy to be white that he/she acts very silly and always giggles.

He/she also thrives in all-white country clubs, Irish Pubs, and usually drives a Jeep Wrangler with a baseball cap, or a VW Jetta.
Guy: "Who's that corny MF wearing the Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt driving the Green Jeep Wrangler?'

Guy#2: "Aww..that's some cracka rockin' dat Wonderbread status in full effect!...What a LOSER...BAHAHAAHHAA!!"
by Smoothpoppa September 16, 2006
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