Being generic, bland, soul-less, mainstream, or distasteful in nature in order to appeal to wider, often mindless audiences.
"Starbucks is just too wonderbread for me to be interested in going there. All the girls that go there prove that."
by hailthemotherland June 5, 2015
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a term for those of the Caucasian race; in common usage by the members of the african american persuasion. Carries with it a derrogatory nature. (implied cracker, honkey, chalky, or in the strictest terms : whitey)
Hey wonderbread get the fuck off my 68 impala, shit's got hydro's mother fucker.
by Matt February 25, 2004
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I got called "wonderbread" by a group of holligans last night.
by Vegas March 29, 2003
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A derisive adjective referring to a concept or statement which is optimistically presumed (generally by the originator of said idea or statement) to be utopian in nature, particularly when the potential result of such a concept or statement is easily recognized to threaten the opposite of the intended result; a false panacea
The governator's wonderbread plan for universal health insurance will actually create more problems than it solves, particularly for California's working families.
by Aluxeterna January 23, 2007
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"Wonderbreading" is the act of throwing a loaf of Wonderbread on a person's yard and setting an empty bottle of BAWLS energy drink on the porch/driveway/lawn, while screaming the person's name.

1.) It must be Wonderbread and BAWLS, no substitutions.
2.) The Wonderbread must still be in the seal and musn't be tampered with.
3.) You must Wonderbread someone you know (or at least someone who's name you know).
4.) The empty bottle of BAWLS must have the cap on it.
5.) You must be in a car while during the act of Wonderbreading.
6.) There must be more than one person during the act of Wonderbreading.
*stops car*
*passenger gets out and sets the BAWLS down and re-enters the car*
*throws the Wonderbread*
*drive off*
The Wonderbreading is then complete.
by Lance LaBar May 4, 2006
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White person who is so happy to be white that he/she acts very silly and always giggles.

He/she also thrives in all-white country clubs, Irish Pubs, and usually drives a Jeep Wrangler with a baseball cap, or a VW Jetta.
Guy: "Who's that corny MF wearing the Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt driving the Green Jeep Wrangler?'

Guy#2: "Aww..that's some cracka rockin' dat Wonderbread status in full effect!...What a LOSER...BAHAHAAHHAA!!"
by Smoothpoppa September 17, 2006
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