"Wonderbreading" is the act of throwing a loaf of Wonderbread on a person's yard and setting an empty bottle of BAWLS energy drink on the porch/driveway/lawn, while screaming the person's name.

1.) It must be Wonderbread and BAWLS, no substitutions.
2.) The Wonderbread must still be in the seal and musn't be tampered with.
3.) You must Wonderbread someone you know (or at least someone who's name you know).
4.) The empty bottle of BAWLS must have the cap on it.
5.) You must be in a car while during the act of Wonderbreading.
6.) There must be more than one person during the act of Wonderbreading.
*stops car*
*passenger gets out and sets the BAWLS down and re-enters the car*
*throws the Wonderbread*
*drive off*
The Wonderbreading is then complete.
by Lance LaBar April 21, 2006
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You just wake up from a glorious night filled with passion, intercourse, and sado masachism. Your hungry and French Toast sounds perfect. Instead of dipping your bread in a bowl filled with cracked eggs, you dip it into a bowl filled with vagina juice. You fry them up perfectly and enjoy them with butter, syrup, and a little cum.
O baby, that wonderbread hit the spot perfectly after that awesome night!
by Ginger Lariat June 24, 2011
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The act of giving yourself a handjob with the hand of your passed out tour mate.
"Donnie's hard cock throbbed as Johnny's limp hand slid down the shaft, give him what's known as a stale Wonderbread, a drop of pre cum glistened on his palm."
by Longnecker81 August 13, 2018
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