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A tattoo above a woman's ass crack.
Her pants were so low cut, you could see her tramp stamp.
by Vegas March 22, 2003

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Un-normally loose ass hole. Usually caused by ass spelunking
When someone gets pounded in the ass, they get a "Gaping Asshole"
by Vegas March 24, 2003

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The act of taking a really mean dump.
I actually have left partys because I had to "Punch a Grumpy"
by Vegas March 23, 2003

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a floating turd
I was swimming in the ocean when a blind mullet drifted past me.
by Vegas March 22, 2003

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A white guy.
I got called "wonderbread" by a group of holligans last night.
by Vegas March 28, 2003

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A sickness that occurs when you need to miss something like work or a test.
I told my boss i wouldn't be in today because i have a bad case of "24 hour ebola"
by Vegas March 23, 2003

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adj. Used to describe something or someone that is so unbelievabley beat, wack, horrible, hideous, or all of the above and beyond.

n. vateness, something that is vate.
How'd it go w/ dat broad last night? You hit dat?
Nah, shit was mad vate.

The no smoking inside law is vate.

Yo, I got arrested last night dun!
Foreal!? vateness. What happened son?

This club is vate, let's go somewhere else.

This chick Christina has a slammin body, but her personality is so vate I don't ever mess with her.

This weed ain't no kind bud, shit's vate.
by vegas March 12, 2004

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