A person with bread/food in there smile/teeth.
Yo, Alex hasn't brushed his teeth in a week, he a got mad "Wonderbread Smile"!
by Allegrotechie March 03, 2011
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A person of Italian descent who acts extremely white and/or even worse; redneck. These people are not at all proud to be descended from a Latin people and in fact wish they could be of full Nordic, Germanic, or Anglo Saxon descent. The vast majority of them can't even pronounce their own names.
That nigga Mikey is a str8 wonderbread wop!
by Yaint007 December 18, 2018
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White people who tend to happen to have the strange delusion that they are a huge mandingo-like nubian motherfucker nigga from the streets. In reality, under this hard mean muggin facade, these people are merely whitebread in nigga disguises.
A: Man, look at that one white guy in that group of black guys on the corner. He must be the hardest guy in the whole gang just to stay living.

B: Nah, man, he just a wonderbread nigga.
by Coffy March 01, 2009
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A phrase you tell someone who has been out of work for a while. You need to follow this phrase up by saying "because you are the best loafer in town" or "you can make a lot of doe working there."
"You are so fucken lazy! Why don't you go work at wonderbread; be a professional loafer there instead of in my living room."
by old man withers November 11, 2006
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