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A derisive adjective referring to a concept or statement which is optimistically presumed (generally by the originator of said idea or statement) to be utopian in nature, particularly when the potential result of such a concept or statement is easily recognized to threaten the opposite of the intended result; a false panacea
The governator's wonderbread plan for universal health insurance will actually create more problems than it solves, particularly for California's working families.
by Aluxeterna January 23, 2007
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Formerly a slang phrase referring to a male's stated prediliction toward sexual relations with a previously identified female, the phrase has now come to refer to an individual's stated desire to perform sexual relations with a (typically McDonald's) hamburger.

Background: An unfortunate McDonald's advertising campaign, circa early 2005, developed under the assumption that the use of urban lexicon might appeal to a previously underrepresented demographic, i.e., the burger-fetishists.
"Double Cheeseburger? I'd hit it. I'm a Dollar Menu guy."

(McDonald's advertising copy, used without permission.)
by Aluxeterna April 12, 2005
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the process by which a newspaper of note descends into the bowels of tabloid sensationalism or glossy-magazine frivolity, through the replacement of serious news by "lifestyle" features.
The New York Times was a great paper before lifestylization replaced the real journalism with page after page of celebrity gossip, wealth worship, and interior decorating tips.
by Aluxeterna July 10, 2008
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