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Being generic, bland, soul-less, mainstream, or distasteful in nature in order to appeal to wider, often mindless audiences.
"Starbucks is just too wonderbread for me to be interested in going there. All the girls that go there prove that."
by hailthemotherland June 05, 2015
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Getting hit often enough that the hit stun doesn't allow you to move while you are stuck in a combo.
"Avoid his attacks! Don't just sit there!"
"I can't! I'm combo-locked!"
by hailthemotherland March 06, 2015
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When something is so frustrating this is usually said as a response.
"This game is so difficult! It's like being raped by a cactus!"
by hailthemotherland September 22, 2013
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Used as a term for someone who is young, naive, oblivious, childish, or doesn't quite understand status quo. Has similar connotations to Nerd, Geek, Weirdo, Spaz, etc. But is often used to describe High School Freshmen or younger siblings. For example, Spongebob Squarepants would be considered a Goober as well as anyone that acts similar.
"Can I play with you and your friends, big brother?"
"Nah, they think you're a Goober."
by hailthemotherland March 07, 2018
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"Where did you get that can of pop?"
"I jiffed it from Zack's place."
by hailthemotherland March 07, 2015
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