Adjective meaning extremely greedy or gluttonous.
Timmy was such a voracious ass eater it took his dental hygienist a whole hour to clean the hardened bits of shit off his teeth.
by silkpouch September 5, 2007
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Adj.-When something is so outraging that it reaches a level that is almost unbelievable.
I cant believe I got laid off! That voracious bitch at the office had it in for me!
by Ben Jammin February 10, 2005
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When the female craving for large tree trunk penetration becomes her #1 priority.
On October 1, 1987 Brenda was diagnosed with Voracious Vaginitis. Brenda decided to feed her pussy with a large tree trunk. Five days later brenda's pussy was discovered impaled on a tree trunk in the middle of the forest by a mother and her child. She died October 6, 1987.
by Richard Rozay 7 June 24, 2017
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