She has waxed her pussy that much there is just a permanent red rash where her pubes used to be
She doesn't have a Hollywood she has a Red Dawn
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 14, 2020
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An event where powerful communist forces invade a nation, particularly via parachute.
Red Dawn was a major fear during the Cold War. Thankfully, it never happened to America.
"Prepare for Red Dawn..."
-someone in the era of the Cold War
by Dave April 16, 2004
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What you call an event that happens when you wake up next to a Russian after a very dirty night.
That super blond Russian woke up in my bed this morning. It was Red Dawn, and I won the war.
by Dr.P-Money August 18, 2011
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"When a woman wakes up early in the morning and discovers her period started in the middle of the night."
Sarah groaned on the way to the bathroom as she realized it was another red dawn.
by Certified Angus September 16, 2009
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Occurs when someone has wronged you and under the cover of darkness you shave your crimson pubes onto their toothbrush for them to awaken to in the morning.
Eric called Timmy a rude name and found a Red Dawn the next morning to his dismay.
by JeanLucPicard January 16, 2008
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The famous battle cry of the Risembool Rangers, an incredibly dedicated fan club to the voice actor, Vic Mignona.
Miniskirt Army Member: We own you!
Risembool Ranger: Red Dawn, noob!
by Kylias February 27, 2009
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A VERY powerful legal mood enhancer. Also sometimes referred to as herbal ecstacy. Usually baught from your head shop or gas station, 16oz or 8oz bottles. Pills are also sold as well. Recommended dosage is 1-2 capfuls but many people take up to 8-10. All natural ingridents are listed but many suspect DXM (found in cough syrups) is also included because of the many plateaus one can reach while "tripping" on Red Dawn. When combined with alcohol or other drugs (i.e. marijuana)the effects are boosted greatly. Many people feel sick or even vomit after comsuming Red Dawn. Take on an empty stomach, and be sure to "chase" with gum or juice because the taste is awful.. and remember MIND OVER MATTER. Effects usually occur 1 hour after consumed and include - EUPHORIA, disorientation, profound thoughts about life, feelings of floating or weightlessness, enhanced social activity/behavior, hallucinations, and over-exageration. Red Dawn is a great recreational or legal party drug but should be used with caution.
Jason: Lets take some red dawn before we go to prom man, because I wanna be tripping my balls off while getting my balls grinded on.
Steven: Yea beats getting busted for alcohol and its 10x better.


Party on with RED DAWN.
by philliyxx March 07, 2007
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