london in the uk a term normally used by uk garage artists to show where they are reppin'
in dizzee rascals song dream he mentiond LDN
"im from do LDN dont keep forgeting that, and the big UK i stay reppin' at"
by whowantz2no May 09, 2005
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Tha gangstaz way of sayin london. Big up norf, dnt no bout edmonton
Im frm 'Ldn' get meh
by Norf June 03, 2005
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1 - ldn - short for london, found on caps or t-shirts

2 -ldn - sometimes people pronouce L.D.N. short for london

3 - ldn - lewis david north - a legend (see legend for the definition of legend)
1 - ' iam going down to the ldn this weekend '

2 - 'ldn, "what?"...london '

3 - ' ldn is blazin the lyrics '
by lewis north March 14, 2006
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A Latter-Day Saint (Mormon or LDS) who's also a Ninja, standing for Latter-Day Ninja. They're the only Ninjas that swore not to kill anybody, and they use replacement weapons; Like instead of Ninja Stars they'll use a Pass-Along-Card, instead of using nunchucks they'll have the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph, and instead of a bow staff they'll use the Iron Rod.
Those LDN are the only Ninjas that made an oath not to kill anybody, and when they jump at you out of a tree with a karate chop, they'll ask you a question afterwards like "I could have killed you right there, but I didn't. Do you know where you are going after you do?" and totally make you question the purpose of life.
by gorillamike November 18, 2010
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Low Dose Naltrexone 3.0 or 4.5 MG normally, a pill, usually compounded, or sometimes made into liquid, taken once a day to help orchestrate one's immune system. Known as LDN.
I asked my doctor to write me a script for LDN.
by ILuvLDN July 15, 2011
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