A person who totally, obsequiously agrees with everything another person says.
โ€œDuring the meeting my boss Jeremy calls on Jason, whoโ€™s a well-known management echo chamber to ask if Jason thinks the Companyโ€™s new and much stricter internet policy is a fair one. The rest of us spend the remainder of the meeting retching at the resultant tsunami of blatant ass-smooching.โ€
by Mo Dixley April 09, 2009
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A place free of serious debate where everyone repeats the same opinions, no one calls anyone else out, and criticism is frowned upon.
Right-wing ideologues have spent decades constructing a vast echo chamber where facts do not matter, the opinions of bigots are constantly validated, and serious criticism is either undermined or non-existent.

Donald Trump's cabinet meetings are echo chambers where he can be told how great he is.
by Valerie Morghulis June 13, 2017
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A woman's pussy that is so stretched out of shape that if someone were to say something while going down on her,it would echo at least 3 times.
Damn Stephanie! What did you do, hump a cruise missile? This echo chamber is HUGE!
by Gollum May 24, 2006
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N. The act of inserting an empty wrapping paper tube into two facing anuses, and then concurrently breaking wind.
Tyler: The wife took a sex class at the learning class and wanted to do an echo chamber

Todd: Did you do it?

Tyler: Yeah, until I shit in the tube.
by Doc Guitar September 03, 2016
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