when extremely surprised for no reason...also can be used in sarcastic way...or its just like "woa" u cant explain.woah
woa...thats amazing...i dont kno how to do that...teach me!?
by mia December 23, 2003
something so surprising u cant explain...can also be used in a sarcastic way...or easily or quickly shocked
oh my fucking gosh!!woa...r u serious? woa woa woa woa woa
by momma mia December 23, 2003
has many meanings... most often used to call a person pro like "woa wayne...". it can also be used as an acronym like witless oxymoronic asshole. this word originated from Singapore where la and wow combined to become woa (singlish)
However, as a acronym it still is used for a variety of things like woses own all or we own all. though the word woa has a solid meaning, the standard acronym for WOA has not been decided. Plz write a suitable acronym for woa
"woa wayne...."
"#$%$$%%&* WOA( witless oxymoronic asshole)"
by Striderjr May 19, 2007
"West Of Adelaide"

Reference to area in London, Ontario. Opposite of the exaggerated "EOA" (East Of Adelaide") which many people talk about like it's 8 mile.
Hey man, looks like we're finally WOA.

Thank god. Now I can un-clench my asshole.
by Wakey46 January 15, 2011
Wide on alert

When a female becomes particularly aroused by something/someone pleasing to the eye. It is the equivalent of the male hard-on.
Jess: Did you see that guy?!? Phwoarrr...

Laura: Yeh sure did, major woa!
by Leccles November 1, 2011
A whiff of ass. Something you smell when approching someone who stinks
She turned over and there was a WOA
by Dr. Ophhelia Cummings April 1, 2006
Acronym for the Warcraft 3 clan: Warriors of Azeroth

Created on Reign of Chaos, WoA reached top rank and earned its spot as #1 clan on Azeroth in the first 2 years of TFT under the leadership of WoA)Biggsexy and WoA)Master. Since then the clan declined for 2-3 years until recently. Under the leadership of WoA)Prodigy the clan has been reborn into another elite clan on Azeroth.
"Did you see WoA)Prodigy and WoA)PorcChops in the 2s tourny today? WoA has really come back!"
by Clan WoA December 12, 2006