In fighting games:

The act of performing a move that fails to connect with the opponent, whether it be on hit or on block.
After I whiffed a random d/f+2 against that Paul player, he hit me with a Deathfist and took a third of my lifebar.
by 133mhz December 20, 2005
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originally from the game of whiffle ball, specifically the sound the hollow plastic bat makes when one swings hard and misses the ball.
Also, it means to fail badly at a very simple task. This is a big put down.
"I can't believe you whiffed on that pop quiz. It was just one question. I thought everyone knew who Nixon was."
by Steven Herraiz January 21, 2008
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A quick smell of something that doesn't usually smell very nice.
by Wanon June 1, 2005
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To swing and miss in the game of baseball.
Often used to describe a player who swings and misses by a considerably margin and frequently.
*Miguel Olivo At Bat*
Whiff - Strike Three Your Out!
by Peekay_ March 30, 2011
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On Rocket League the fact that someone had missed the ball
Oh that was a bad whiff
Oh no, how mant whiffs i've seen already!!
by jostino September 20, 2019
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An English word used informally with unpleasant, foul smells, often used as a synonym for sniff, scent, odour and aroma.

Etymology: The word became popular in the 16th century with tobacco smoking, probably influenced by whiffle "blow in gusts or puffs".
Hey babe come take a whiff of my feet, sweet right?
by LSOW March 6, 2014
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