East of Adelaide. An area of London, Ontario where one can witness three stabings, six drive by shootings, two drug deals, and buy a prostitute, all in one afternoon. Advisable to wear a bulletproof vest if going EOA.
Tim and Jon went EOA and narrowly escaped with their lives.
by Baxter Chadwick May 7, 2006
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(East Of Adelaide)Where wanna be gangster white boys from london ontario try and act hard but they are really a bunch of pussys who would get merked by real gangs
by Paco El Matador March 30, 2011
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Everyone On Assistance.
An scummy area of London known as East Of Adelaide where the majority of people are on social assistance and roam the streets and pawn shops trying to make a buck to get their fix.
That area is where eoa.
by EllaOlla January 7, 2010
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Those beans aren't settling well! EOA!
by Drool-o January 7, 2012
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Short for "Eat Our Asses". This acronym is usually said when one needs to express his or her opinion about being forced to do something that is nigh impossible to do.
Bro 1: EOA every day bro!
Bro 2: More like Mission Impossible.
Bro 1: XD
by Mad3rch0d January 14, 2019
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Brit: OMG I was hooking up with Jordan last night, and he tried going down on me but I said no. Because I have MAJOR EOA.
Denise: I hate having EOA, no one wants a stank pussy.
Brit: For real, what if Jordan said I smell like dead fish.
Denise: Major EOA
by urbndick420 March 24, 2022
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