used to:
1)show humour at someone who has done something so bad or something so funny that you want to learn it yourself and want to do it yourself.
2)show humour at a player who makes an awful mistake,has a disapponiting touch or completely fails a trick,skill or 'showboat' and you want them to show you just how they did it!
1)Gary:"shit,ive just lost all my money and car keys"
Paul:"Teach Me!"
2)Chris completely makes a twat of himself trying to do some skills and falls over the ball,before banging his head on the concrete and ripping his brand new school shoes and trousers.
Liam:"Teach me!"
by Carlo Rocco February 18, 2008
When you refuse to take orders from someone else.
Your doing it all wrong. Don't teach me bruv!
by cornersofa September 25, 2018
Am amazing remix of "Teach me how to dougie" made by Wisconsin Badgers. the song is actually much better, if you want to see the video, google it. it was put together by students and demonstrates Badger superiority in the Big Ten!
Girl: Can you teach me how to dougie?
UW Student: No, but I can Teach you how to Bucky.
Girl: Even better! I can't wait for you to teach me how to bucky!! all my friends at Minnesota will be so jealous!
by UWBadgers October 22, 2011
Asking someone to "teach me to jive, grasshopper" is actually code for "rip off my panties, put them on my head, suck my titays, and then roger me to exhaustion".

A very popular thing to say at parties.
When Binky heard Simone say the magic words, "teach me to jive, grasshopper", he knew it was going to be a good evening.
by scodder May 1, 2010
A slang used when someone wants another to teach them how to be like themselves or someone else.
Chris: "Hey did you hear Bob just landed a great job, bought a $70,000 car and has a banging chick on his arm?"

Mark: "Damn, teach ME how to dougie!"
by krazykristy August 22, 2010
How to describe someone who can’t be stopped.
We could not stop the QB last night. He was trying to teach me how to Stuckey.
by QB1ndy September 23, 2022
to spell your name with the movement of your hips on someone’s dick
“you should come over and teach me how to spell my name.”
oh you wanna ride my dick
by fhrsfhtdf August 31, 2022