34 definitions by mia

slang for money; like "dough"
by mia August 29, 2003
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reppin your turf the game side shows
that's town bizzness my nigga
by mia April 6, 2005
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a guy, often one who has done time in prison, who is confident of his fighting skills and has been through hard times
I like them rough neck thugged, out guys.
by mia December 4, 2004
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A woman's vagina, pussy, crotch, giney.
Get that penis out of my poontang!
by mia April 6, 2005
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Helloosh Kelloosh!
by mia November 7, 2003
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ur sch a boff
by mia October 25, 2003
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Any unwanted accessory that must be worn by your place of employment.
by mia February 6, 2004
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