there is only one witty. a kid that is an azn kitty
Chris, the one and only witty, is an amazing freestyler.
by critterfer December 25, 2005
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to be dumb
he was very witty
by cool dude 2007 October 8, 2018
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Someone who is witless but on the internet. You call them a "Wittie". These type of people tend to hand out most on sites such as twitch, reddit, youtube, and especially discord. Sometimes, these users may even be named Wittie.
"Learn some common sense or you'll become a Wittie!"
by Angel (Vix) June 10, 2021
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A girl who is a bitty that has potential to be your wife.
That girl is not just a bitty, but she could be your witty.

Ashley is witty material, but Shelby is just a bitty.
by Johan Lillis McNair October 19, 2009
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A term used in reference to being intoxicated.
"Let's get witty."

"(John)'s not up to going out today; he got really witty last night."
by Foster December 9, 2004
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Witty profiles can be extremely addicting.

Obsession will occur.

School work will be put off until every single quote

on the top quotes list is read.

Witty profiles will know more about you than your friends

and family do, and you will pour every single thought into

your quotes.

You will always keep a notepad or something to r e c o r d your

quotes in so you don’t forget them.

Witty profiles will pretty much be your LIFE. <3
Witty Profiler: Dude have you heard of witty profiles?
Person: No?.?
Witty Profiler. o.O!
by Lovetwolovetwolive December 8, 2010
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