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the word everyone started using when they hopped on Max B's dick... roughly translates to mean somethin is real nice, or somethings good... basically it just has an overall positive connotation
1. yo dat car is wavy.
2. i'm feelin real wavy right now.
3. i'm ridin max b dick so hard yo, shit is wavy!
by Eddie J. December 22, 2008

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an ignorant website...
niggaspace was created by a white guy!!! WTF
by Eddie J. April 02, 2007

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pretty common shit nowadays...
Laurie's Mom: Where's Laurie? I forgot to give her her lunch money for tomorrow.

Jenn: She's out whoring on the corner. She won't be back until like 7am, right when school starts.

Laurie's Mom: Oh ok, well when you see her in math class tomorrow can you give her this? And let me know how many dicks she sucked, she knows 5 per night is her limit!
by Eddie J. September 14, 2008

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what you must respect
"Respect My Authority!!"
by Eddie J. January 23, 2008

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please refer to shit
dumbass #1: i wasted my money on papa shits
dumbass #2: u mean papa johns?
dumbass #1: no, papa shits
dumbass #2: what is papa shits?
dumbass #1: stfu
by Eddie J. March 25, 2007

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A show that started in the '80s but was recently re-created. Perfect show to watch regular people get completely owned by huge bodybuilding people
*Watching American Gladiators*

Contestant: Hi, my name is Mike, and I think I can take the gladiators because of my self-determination and self-confidence.

*Gladiator beats the shit out of him in PowerBall and nearly knocks his head off in the Joust*

*Paramedics are rushed in*
by Eddie J. January 07, 2008

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the best thing on facebook
i just beat your ass in blackboard football
by Eddie J. September 02, 2007

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