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A show that started in the '80s but was recently re-created. Perfect show to watch regular people get completely owned by huge bodybuilding people
*Watching American Gladiators*

Contestant: Hi, my name is Mike, and I think I can take the gladiators because of my self-determination and self-confidence.

*Gladiator beats the shit out of him in PowerBall and nearly knocks his head off in the Joust*

*Paramedics are rushed in*
by Eddie J. January 7, 2008
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dumbass #1: i wasted my money on papa shits
dumbass #2: u mean papa johns?
dumbass #1: no, papa shits
dumbass #2: what is papa shits?
dumbass #1: stfu
by Eddie J. March 25, 2007
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A very extreme video on the web involving two women shitting and then proceeding to eat the shit, while performing various other sexual acts with the shit. Very nasty, yet somehow arousing...... hmmmmmm......
I applaud 2 girls 1 cup....
by Eddie J. December 17, 2007
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if you looked this word up... YOU ARE
you have GOT to be a fatass to even think about looking up this word on urbandictionary.com. get out more
by Eddie J. April 13, 2007
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