20 definitions by Ghandi

to go in a room, car, or other relatively small area and seal all the exits, then smoke your dank 'till the place of gathering is entirely filled w/ smoke
We smoked out the car, but the po-po man thought the car was on fire from the inside and busted our asses.
by Ghandi September 19, 2002
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Man let's go get our tacklin' fuel on in that rand new bowl i bought.
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
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a modern form of torture used to subjugate and enforce the rules of "acad-e-mic-s" upon the slobbering youths
Bob feared his math class, and thus did not attend the gathering of defunkified zombies, instead opting to go and visit the bathroom for between 45-120 minutes
by Ghandi September 23, 2002
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n. a job which requires the work of ones hands to accomplish/complete a set goal or task
by Ghandi September 24, 2002
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what the man uses to keep u down
That religious bastard! Trying to make us skip our valuable chill time by makin' us go to Church.
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
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the goods you get from many a grand treasure hunt
After going out for a night on the town johnny came home with much plunder: Charon and Sarah.
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
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Damn, that was pfs i nearly jumped
by Ghandi September 18, 2002
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