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A term for someone that thinks they are unique and special, but really are not. It gained popularity after the movie "Fight Club" from the quote โ€œYou are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

Began being used extensively as a putdown for someone, usually on the political left, who is easily offended or felt they needed a "safe space" away from the harsh realities of the world, but now has morphed into a general putdown for anyone that complains about any subject.
Comedians have a hard time performing on college campuses anymore because of all the little snowflakes running around that get offended by just about anything they say.
by dan828 May 03, 2017
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A very sensitive person. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others.

This has nothing to do with politics. Snowflakes can be liberal or conservative. Whether it is a compliment or an insult is a matter of opinion and depends on the context.
Don't criticize Jane for what she did. She's a snowflake and you'll only upset her.
by TampaRay April 04, 2017
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A clueless and conceited college student that cannot handle critical thinking from others. In other words, a deluded jerk.
Snowflakes are deluded into thinking that they are without question, entitled to preferential treatment.
by Gleeful April 06, 2017
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A term used to describe extremist liberals that get offended by every statement and/or belief that doesn't exactly match their own. These individuals think they are just as "unique" as snowflakes, when really their feelings are just as fragile.
"Congratulations! Its a boy!"
"Did you just assume that babies gender?"
"Someone get the snowflake out of here, please".
by Anna_Rutherford April 28, 2017
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A flake that is mostly made of snow.
Many flakes of snow can be fashioned into a ball of snow,
A snowman is mostly made of snowflakes.
by rusty ringpiece January 06, 2017
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A flake of that white stuff that comes out of the sky in the winter.
A snowflake just landed on your nose.
by Stephanie MH July 28, 2005
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Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Yiannopoulos, And Nazi Sympathizers (A.K.A. ARYANS), whose immense white fragility causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency.

This is all a continuation of how Snowflake historically refers to people who are against the abolition of slavery.

The ARYANS have attempted to hijack this term to use against progressives and those opposing Fascism. It failed ultimately, because nobody was foolish enough to believe anti-Fascist resisters to be, by any stretch of the imagination, comparable to the snowflakery of the ARYANs and their cheeto-dusted Fuhrer.

But the ARYANS succeeded in poisoning the well on calling people "snowflakes," when it became widely understood that they were using it as a euphemism for the human ashes falling in Nazi Germany when they were burning people. This revelation became particularly useful for decoding the ARYAN tendency of referring to snowflakes as a "Generation." Especially telling is the pseudo-concept of a Snowflake Generation, which operates as a front for the ARYANS' need to mark out groups of people to direct their genocidal lust towards.
There sure is a lot of Nazi-supporting definitions piling up in the last pages of this word, they are all written by snowflakes who can't deal with having lost the popular vote.
by Lascaux Othello February 11, 2017
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