When a Surfer Falls of His/Her board.
"That Was One Sick Wipeout"
by Bob Marley February 15, 2005
1 - when a surfer falls off their surfboard into the sea

2 - when a skateboarder falls a over t off the board. its more than just falling, its spectacular. and painful...
1 - did you know only one of the beach boys could actually surf, despite one of their hits being about surfing?

2 - i wipeout off my board every damn time i ride it, and i have the injuries to prove it! i am getting better though.
by Lyddy Cool April 20, 2007
A person who take's alot of ecstasy.
He is a complete wipeout.
by Gerald Crumley March 27, 2008
to attempt to pull someone and fail
his attempt to pull tori was a total wipeout
by pyke August 8, 2004
The result of smoking too much drugs
You wipeout!
by ? March 11, 2003
Any event that is a total failure an not what it was meant to be.
Mark your party was a complete wipeout, no one turned up, it sucked.
by infiniti May 15, 2005
to climax sexually, to get wet sexually
Men normally wipeout during intercourse, while females hardly ever do.
by Me1284 July 26, 2010