9 definitions by sjkyr4

The drunk/clueless friend who always comes up and says/does something repulsive while you are trying to spit your game on a hottie, and therefore ruins the whole thing.
Man, I was totally vibing with this hot chick when Captain Salt Truck game ruiner salt drunk friend came up to me dunkenly and spilled his drink on her shoes. That was the end of that possibility.
by sjkyr4 March 11, 2009
Getting embarassed in front of someone you want to impress or making a bafoon out of yourself in a way that makes people say, "Dude you totally lost."
Yesterday I was walking up the stairs on campus with this girl I liked and fell, experiencing some serious lozage lose lost embarass.
by sjkyr4 March 11, 2009
When the big whig corporate people come into your work place unannounced trying to catch people misbehaving/slacking off.
Yesterday our office received a swoop attack unannounced visit corprate surprise visit by the vice president of the company who was looking to catch people being lazy/ doing what they want instead of working.
by sjkyr4 March 11, 2009
The 3.2% beer/alcoholic beverages they sell in Bible belt states.
"Hey, its Sunday, the liquor store is closed, I guess all we have to deal with is training sauce trainging wheels for boozelike we were amateurs again."

by sjkyr4 March 6, 2009
Ya know, the thin gray choppers people who have abused methamphetamines sport that look like they fall out or disintegrate at any second.
Dude, I was trying to help this guy at my store the other day, but all I could do was stare at was his meth teeth disintegrating teeth bad teeth drugs, I swore one was going to fall out on my counter!
by sjkyr4 March 27, 2009
That person who, when is quiet in a library or in a classroom, insists on striking every key they hit as hard as they can, because ya know that makes your typing more effective.
I was in the law library yesterday when this manic keyboarder loud typer hit one key so hard, I swore it was going to fly off her laptop.
by sjkyr4 March 11, 2009
When you voluntarily cancel your facebook account because you either: 1)dropped out of school, 2) realize you are too old, 3) are sick of the applications everyone sends you, or 4)you are sick of people facebook stalking you.
Man, I had to commit facebook suicide voluntarily leaving facebookaccount closing once I turned thirty, because I started to feel pathetic when I got an app for which High School Musical Character Are You.
by sjkyr4 March 15, 2009