A sexy Caribbean dance performed by women. Much better than twerking.
Rihanna was wining to T pain for Usain Bolt
by jufrang November 22, 2013
When you see a Winely your day will get better. When she smiles the wjope world lights up.Winely is the definition of beauty. Consider your self lucky if you met a Winely cause she is one of a kind.
Chris: Did you see Winely to day!
Ivan: yah, see looks good.
by countchris55 February 28, 2018
form of dance, involves gyration of hips, can be slow or fast must always be sexy. performed to mainly west indian music like reggae, calypso and soca.
if you don't mind...would you take a wine with me?
by destra November 6, 2003
A response to be given when the suggestion of intoxication is declared.
Steve: "Hey John, pub tonight?"
John: "Wine-not!"

Steve: "John, I'm fackin' sloshed mate. One more?"
John: "Wine-not!"

Steve: "Fancy sharing a cab, John?"
John: "Wine-not!"
Steve: "John, I think you've got a problem mate. I didn't want to say anything before."
John: "Wine-not!"
Steve: "Jesus John. Just take care, yeah? I'll see you tomorrow."
John: "Wine-not!"
*Steve jumps in taxi and leaves.

John: "I love you you, Steve. I always have."

by Dexter Fishpaw May 29, 2015
A white or red liquid containing alcohol that is usually found in the cabinet in a glass bottle. Once indulged, one might do things he might normally not do, and have a great time doing it.
I got hammered on wine all last night at the party and then drove my SUV through the mall. It was fucking great.
by Mac December 4, 2003
I'll have the whole bottle of wine please
by Rosevart July 3, 2019
That one person who we all need in our life
She will always be my Wine
by Brainfull guy March 1, 2022