A city in southwestern Ontario. aka Sin City, Ontario Known for it's unrivaled bar/club scene. Dozens of bars on a single strip all within minutes walking distance. Has the greatest number of strip clubs per capita of any city in the world. Legal "escort" services and late night massage parlors make this a popular party spot for many americans looking to party. Legal drinking age is 19.
We're going to downtown Windsor to get retarded.
by Jake March 3, 2004
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a small town in connecticut ruled by old republicans, but mainly consists of stoners and poor people. mostly everyone in this godforsaken town hates it.

the historical society is a very popular field trip, since windsor was the first town in connecticut, but everyone in windsor knows that, and doesnt need a yearly trip to the towns churches and cemitaries to learn this.

windsor is famous for its tobacco, and many kids looking for a summer job go to the fields. but, then again, many turn away because of all the mexicans. (no offense)

over all, windsor has absolutely nothing to do. thats exactly why half the town finds recreation in drugs. if you find yourself in windsor, get out before you die of boredom.
"hey man, you going to windsor this saturday?"
"nah, why would i go to that dump?"
"yeah man, what the fuck was i thinking?"
by theatregirl321 June 21, 2009
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The Windsor's...Royalty...of Great Britain and Ireland...Soon to be Kings in the Future...Interested in Extreme Sports..while trying to Create World Peace in the Military...for Us..
Windsor...Hmmm...What do I say about this....What is the definition of an Example?? :)
by Erin Rachel Young September 8, 2006
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high school where all the stoners and stupid people go.
Dude, that dumbass over there must go to Windsor.
by meg March 19, 2005
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A screwed up town of 200,000+ in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The main local economy centres around the automotive indsutry, strip clubs, gambling, and ripping off drunk young Yanks.

Windsor is home to one of the worst universities in Canada that is located next to the busiest Transport Truck border crossing in the world.

The highest geographic point in the city is the old landfill and the citizens of Windsor have penis envy for Detroit, which isn't saying much.

The inbred citizens of Windsor are the most Americanised population in Canada. Windsorians also mispronounce all the street names in their city. Pierre Street is pronounced "Pie-re." Enough said.
I'm as stupid as thick shit and can't string two words together, so I went to the University of Windsor... and passed with Honours.

Windsor is the asshole of Ontario.

The gene pool in Windsor is disgustingly shallow.
by Dundasian February 6, 2005
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The small white Canadian city that cowers in fear of Detroit's big black dong.
Windsor is Detroit's bitch and always will be.
by Canadia October 12, 2004
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In Southwest Ontario right next to Detroit (one of the most violent places in the world.. no offence to Detroiters, there is alot of good people there too). Known as "sin city" for their escort services, street prostitutes, bars, (drinking age is 19 so young Americans go there to party from the Detroit area up to Ohio generally), drugs and bootlegging (more so in the past). In the early 1900's Windsor was also known for Rum Running and have rumored to have many secret underground tunnels leading to various parts of Detroit). Al Capone was rumored to frequent Windsor pretty often in those times.

They are also known for making cars and used to be known as the auto capital of Canada (Ford, Chrysler, and GM.. though GM closed up in Windsor). Windsorites are known to be a blue collar city, who for the most part work hard and pride themselves on being gritty and tough just like the previous slogan of Ford "Built Ford Tough". Much that can be applied to the fabric of Detroit can be applied to the fabric of Windsor (excluding the violence and racial segregation) which makes Windsor commonly referred to Detroit's sister city, even though they are in 2 different Countries. Windsor is also a caring and generous place where they are known to volunteer their time and donate more money than most other places in Canada consistently because most Windsorites have a strong desire to help people who need it most.
Were in Windsor here bingin' beer lookin' for an Engineer who makes Ford Explorer Engines here in the city core but he isnt there.

Tony: Hey.. lets go get lit up on Oulette and blow the rest of our money in the casino.

Tom: Ya.. but not until we hit up a strip club and get a lap dance first bro.
Tony: Strip clubs are obsolete dude, Windsor has massage parlors.
by WackyMac January 6, 2014
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